Kamla Rai College


Faculty and Departments

A dedicated team of highly qualified staff bring to the institution a rich accumulation of knowledge, experience and keenness to inspire the students to achieve their goals. The College is fortunate in having a team of Teaching and Non-Teaching employees who work interminably to impart quality education to the students and who also strive to update themselves with the latest in their fields. The Staff is engaged in various professional and research activities throughout the year, publishing and presenting research papers at the national and international level.

Name Department
Prof(Dr.) Rukhsana Khatoon Principal
Dr. H. K. Pandey Associate professor & Head Department of Mathematics
Dr. A. K. Pandey Associate professor & Head Department of English
Mr. J. K. Dwivedi Associate professor Head Department of Sanskrit
Dr. S. C. Shankram Associate professor & Head Department of Chemistry
Mr. Dasharath Ram Associate professor Department of Political Science
Dr. Anuja Singh Associate professor Department of Political Science
Dr. Mohan Kumar Lal Associate Professor & Head Department of Economics
Dr. Birendra Kumar Associate Professor & Head Department of Geography
Dr. Mushtaque Khan Associate professor Department of Mathematics
Mr. S.K Chaudhary Associate professor Department of Mathematics
Mr. Dashrath Ram Associate professor Department of Mathematics
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Assistant Professor Department of English
Mr. Praveen Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor Department of Philosophy
Dr. Kousar Ali Assistant Professor Department of Economics
Dr. H. S. Mund Assistant Professor & Head Department of Physics
Dr. Nirma Maurya Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry
Dr. Bharti Kumari Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics
Mr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor Department of Geography

Administrative Duties to Professors

* Principal & Nodal Officer : Dr. Rukhsana Khatoon

* Bursar : Mr. Dasharath Ram

* In-charge :

(i) Time Table (Arts) Dr. Birendra Kumar
(ii) Time Table (Science) Dr. M. Khan

* Coordinator NAAC : Dr. M. K. Lal

* Controller of Examination : (a) Dr. A. K. Pandey
                                              (b) Dr. Birendra Kumar

* Coordinator

(i) NSS (Boys) Dr. A. K. Pandey.
(ii) NSS (Girls) Dr. Anuja Singh

* Coordinator

(i) Sports (Boys) Mr. Manish Kumar
(ii) Sports (Girls) Dr. Nirma Maurya

* Coordinator

(i) Cultural (Boys) Dr. Sandeep Kumar
(ii) Cultural (Girls) (a) Dr. Bharti Kumari (b) Dr. Nirma Maurya

* Coordinator IGNOU study center : Dr. M. K. Lal

* Coordinator NOU study center : Dr. Birendra Kumar

* Editor College Magazine : (a) Dr. Sandeep Kumar

                                                 (b) Mr. P. K. Pandey

* In-charge Career Counseling and Guidance : Dr. H. S. Mund

* In-charge Press and Media : Dr. Kousar Ali

* Etc.

General Department - Person Dealing

General Department Person Dealing
Library (a) In-charge Library : Mr. Manish Kumar
(b) Library Assistant : Sh. Radheshyam Pandey
(c) Library Peon : Sh. Sampurnanand Jha
College Leaving certificates (a) Form reporting : Dr. A. K. Pandey
(b) I.A. & I.Sc. : Dr. Kousar Ali
(c) B.Sc. : Mr. P. K. Pandey
(d) B. A. : Dr. Sandeep Kumar
I-card (a) I.A. & I.Sc. : Mr. S. K. Choudhary
(b) B.A. & B.Sc. : Dr. Anuja Singh
Examination Department (a) Assistant : Sh. Sandeep Kumar
(b) Peon: Sh. Swaminath Yadav
Accounts (a) Assistant : (i) Sh. Harishankar Singh, (ii) Sh. Avinash Singh and (iii) Sh. Jitendra Singh
(b) Peon: Sh. Shashi Bhushan Sahi
Placement Cell (a) Dr. H. K. Pandey - Convener
(b) Dr. A. K. Pandey - Member
(c) Dr. Anuja Singh - Member
(d) Dr. S. C. Shankaram - Member
(e) Dr. M. K. Lal - Member
(f) Dr. Nirma Maurya - Member

Non-Teaching Staff

Sh. Ramakant Chaudhary Head Clerk
Sh. Avinash Singh Assistant Accounts
Sh. Sandeep Yadav Assistant Examination
Sh. Harendra Yadav Store Keeper
Sh. Radheshyam Clerk (I.Sc.)
Sh. Ashok Mishra Clerk (I.A.)
Sh. Parmendra Prasad Clerk (B.Sc.)
Sh. Amarjeet Singh Clerk (B.A.)
Sh. Jitendra Singh Assistant Accounts
Sh. Shailendra Singh Lab In-charge (Psychology)
Sh. Baidynath Singh Lab In-charge (Botany)
Smt. Arti Singh Lab In-charge (Zoology)
Sh. Rameshwar Singh Lab In-charge (Geography)
Sh. Hari Shankar Singh Lab In-charge (Chemistry)
Dr. Dilip Kumar Prasad Lab bearer (Physics)
Sh. Harendra Tiwari Lab bearer (Chemistry)
Sh. Santosh Kumar Sharma Specimen Collector (Geography)
Sh. Nesar Ahamad Specimen Collector (Botany)
Sh. Jagnath Thakur Peon (Psychology)
Sh. Shashi Bhushan Shahi Peon (Account Section)
Sh. Sampurnanand Jha Peon (Library)
Sh. Swaminath yadav Peon (Examination Dept)
Sh. Dharmendra Kumar Singh Peon (Chemistry)
Smt. Kaushalya Devi Peon (Girls Common Room)
Sh. Gopal Prasad Peon (Botany)
Sh. Ranjeet Kumar Peon (Principal)
Sh. Ramesh Rai Gate Keeper
Sh. Ratneshwer Singh Daftari
Sh. Tanwir Hasan Gardener
Sh. Kishundev Choudhary Night Guard (Arts)
Sh. Sambhu Mishar Night Guard (Arts)
Sh. Sambhu Mishra Night Guard (Science)
Sh. Heera Harijan Sweeper
Smt. Ramawati Devi Sweeper