Kamla Rai College


About Swargiya Kamla Rai Ji

                                                            “People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things”

- Edmund Hillary

Kamla Babu was a great social worker, highly patriotic person and passionate lover of education. He was a very simple person. He never wanted to be an extraordinary person but always wanted to do something extraordinary in his life. He felt the needs, performed the tasks and achieved the results. When there were no colleges in Gopalganj and its surrounding areas, Kamla Babu was the first person to establish the college (Now Kamla Rai College) at Gopalganj town in 1956, and despite all odds and financial difficulties, he managed to run the college smoothly. We’ll always be indebted to him for this great sacrifice.

Kamla Babu was born in a middle class family of Karariya, a remote village of the Gopalganj district. He had three brothers – Shri Ramjas Rai, a middle school teacher, Shri Nagina Rai, a farmer and Shri Gorakh Rai, a great social worker and freedom fighter. Kamla Babu was the third son of his parents - Shri Raksha Rai and Smt. Sharita Devi. He was married to Ramsakhi Devi of Renua, a small village of the Siwan district adjacent to the Gopalganj district.

Kamla Babu got his early education in middle school, Jadopur, Gopalganj and passed his matriculation in 1923, but he could not continue his further education as he started taking interest in social work. His economic condition was also not favorable for his study. Kamla Babu was a great freedom fighter. His journey in the freedom struggle started with the inspiration of Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Shri Anugrah Narayan Singh. He actively and enthusiastically participated in several movements of freedom struggles including Dandi March in 1930 and Quit India Movement is 1942. Many times he was arrested and put into jails for supporting such movements but his zeal for making India free could not be abated.

When India got freedom on 15th Aug, 1947 he was elected as the Chairman of the Congress Committee of the Saran district. On 13 Nov, 1947, he was unanimously elected the chairman of Saran District Board. He also became the MLA of the Gopalganj Constituency in 1952. As a representative of the constituency, he emphasized on the importance of higher education in life and helped in opening several institutions. On 19 Feb, 1961, Kamla Babu, the great son of his motherland left his body for heavenly abode. His earthly body was cremated at Bansh Ghat, Patna with a great official manner. Now he is not physically present among us but he still exists in our hearts with his immortal existence for his selfless service to society, for his remarkable contribution in higher education and for his acute struggle for the freedom moment.

About College

Kamla Rai College, a constituent unit of Jai Prakash University, Chapra is the first degree college of the Gopalganj District established in 1956. The college was founded by Shri Kamla Rai, a great freedom fighter, MLA and president of the Saran District Board with a mission to promote higher education in this region. This remote rural district of Bihar adjacent to Kushi Nagar (Uttar Pradesh) and Champaran has always been deprived of the basic facilities in the field of education. This college has fulfilled the need and dream of the people of this locality. A galaxy of great scholars in their subjects is the prime source of inspiration to the students and an asset to the college. Their effective teachings with new, innovative methods and teachings have brought name and fame to the college. Their contribution to the research works in their respective fields is also commendable.

The college runs in two separate campuses - Science Block and Arts Block. The Science Block is situated at Thana Chowk, Gopalganj. This block offers Bachelor degree courses in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics and Math and Master Degree in Maths. This block has well furnished big Classrooms and well maintained Labs and a Post Office in its own campus also exists.

The Arts Block of Kamla Rai College is situated near Arar More Closed to NH28, Gopalganj. It has a sprawling, beautiful campus spreading in 6 acres of land filled with green trees and plants of fruits and flowers. A large number of show-plants also add the scenic beauty of the campus. This Block has a very rich library, neat and clean class-rooms of proper dimensions endowed with good furniture, a large field for games and sports and a nice stage of standard size for organizing different academic and cultural programs of the college. This Arts Block offers Bachelor Degree Courses in Hindi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit, Philosophy Political Science, History, Geography, Economics and Psychology and Master Degree course in Political Science. The college also has two wings of NSS - one for boys and another for girls, which provide students with an opportunity to explore and nurture their co-curricular and extra–curricular skills by organizing competitions in debate, speech, essay- writing, drawings, dancing, singing, acting etc. Discipline, respect for teachers and brotherhood among the students has been the part of its glorious tradition. Here students embrace their education with hope and confidence and finally they make successful careers in their own respective fields.

The college also runs BCA course opening new vistas for technical education and job-oriented courses. The college also has study centers of IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi) and Nalanda Open University, Patna.

Principal Message

“The function of education is to teach one intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

-- Martin Luther King Jr --

A nation feels blessed with the powerful resource of its man power enriched with the strength of body, mind and spirit. Such enlightened people strive very hard to excel in their respective fields which result in boundless growth in the productivity of the country. Such people are also law - abiding citizens who are well aware of their rights and responsibilities and so they perform their duties with utmost sincerity and work ethic. In producing such human resource, an institution plays a significant role. Such an institution is certainly a great asset to a society or a nation. Kamla Rai College in Gopalganj, Bihar was also established in July 28, 1956 with the same vision by its founder Kamla Babu, a visionary leader and great freedom fighter who had deeply realized the importance of higher education in society.

Education makes a man complete by providing with the knowledge about the world as well as about themselves. It helps in laying the foundation of a strong nation. Underlying the importance of education, Kautilya, a great Indian philosopher and scholar has rightly said. “Education is an investment in human capital and it can have a great impact on a nation’s growth and development.”

The college is committed to provide quality education to the students as it has a dedicated team of scholar faculty members as well as very supportive and cordial non-teaching staffs. The students’ approach to the labs and library is also highly appreciable. The college is gifted with a sprawling campus of 6 acres filled with fruit-trees, flower-plants and other green vegetation which provide healthy, congenial atmosphere for academic uplift and growth.

Our mission is to transform a student into an expert professional endowed with high moral values. We teach our students to be successful not only in the world but also in their lives. We believe in drawing best out of them so that they can emerge as leaders in society. That’s why we, time to time, organize workshops to enhance their personality apart from conducting the regular co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through EKLAVYA, TARANG and NCC. Our NSS wings for boys and girls play pivotal roles in organising such activities and programs. In a nutshell, our focus is to make them multidimensional rather than unidimensional. Wishing the bright future of the students.

Prof. (Dr.) Rukhsana Khatoon


Kamla Rai College, Gopalganj

Mission And Vision


  • To impart holistic quality education to students, and empower them with knowledge, skill and competence and make them self-reliant, enlightened and socially committed citizens of the country. Objectives
  • To promote academic excellence by providing quality education in an intellectually stimulating environment.
  • To foster a sense of physical well being, a key to all creative and intellectual activity.
  • To equip the students with sound knowledge and skill set, so that they are able to negotiate the complex, diverse and uncertain demands of a constantly changing society.
  • To enable the young minds to develop a deeper level of critical and analytical thinking, to unleash their leadership potential and cultivate an enduring passion to pursue higher education in their relevant fields.


  • To provide the best possible education and values to youngsters to become responsible citizens, to serve humanity and to enhance their quality of life.
  • To promote academic excellence by maintaining high teaching standards.