Kamla Rai College


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Jai Prakash University

Rules and Regulations

  1. Students admitted to this college are to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, the University and the orders of the Principal/ Government.
  2. The students are advised to keep themselves aware of the Institute rules. Ignorance of rules shall not be an excuse for violation.
  3. College working hours are 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.
  4. As per J P University regulations, 75% attendance is compulsory. Otherwise, students cannot appear for the University Examinations.
  5. Absence from class must be justified with the concerned Department. If a student is absent from class/classes without notices and/or absent without proper reasons for more than 5 days his/her name may be struck of college roll.
  6. Absence for more than three days for reasons of health requires a medical certificate. Producing a medical certificate however does not entitle a student to get attendance.
  7. Participation in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities inside or outside the campus is not counted as absence from class. Attendance will be counted only when a copy of the participation certificate or a note from the concerned teacher is produced before the Head of the Department.
  8. The students are required to display the college Identity Card on all college working days. Failure to display the college identity card will be treated as misconduct and such students will be barred from entering the campus and class room.
  9. The college takes note of serious misbehaviour, insubordination, habitual tardiness, irregular work habits or obscenity which are punishable by fine, suspension or dismissal.
  10. The College is declared an alcohol-smoke-drug-free area. Any student found smoking or under the influence of intoxication of alcohol/drugs in the Institute or in the Hostel is liable to strict disciplinary action which may be up to expulsion from the Institute.
  11. The students are warned about the need for being very careful and to follow all the safety regulations while conducting practical in the laboratories.
  12. The students will compensate damage to institute/ furniture caused by neglect or willful damage. Defacing the walls or institute property will be viewed seriously.
  13. Students must help keep the institute neat and clean and preserve and maintain the gardens.
  14. Students are advised to see regularly the notices displayed on the Institute/Departmental notice boards. The notice displayed on these notice boards shall be deemed to have been served on the students.
  15. Students are to submit applications to the Principal for any requirements such as issuance of any certificate, any claim for Railway Concession, Character Certificate, Identity Card, etc. at least 7 days in advance to the students’ section of the college office.
  16. The College Authority holds the rights to issue transfer certificate/rusticate guilty student if it considers that such action is necessary in the interest of the college without assigning any reason and as recommended by the disciplinary committee or by the discretion of the Principal alone.
  17. Students must keep the college premises clean and maintain the sanctity of the college. The corridors and staircases and the college premises are not meant for loitering and lounging.